Hi all, my name is TouLong Yang, you guys and gals can call me Tou. (pronounced like the number two or too, just like you would say “you”.) I am a Graphic Design student at The Art Institutes International MN. Third Year. Still trying to learn all that I can. Aside from design I am a football fan. I love listening to music. (Headphones are extremely important to me. I’m obsessed.) I love being an audiophile, but man is it gettin’ expensive. I’m also very passionate about card games, namely the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG. I play competitively and  I’d love to help design a card game like that someday. (Yeah I’m a geek.) =P

Right now, my specific interests in graphic design are advertising and illustration. One of my favorite designers is Huang Cheng. His advertisements and illustrations are epic.

This blog will showcase my school projects/designs and whatever personal project I’m working on at the time (if any =D) and whatever random stuff I think is interesting.

Well, thanks for reading.



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